The Go-Lab Spring School 2018

From the 22nd till the 26th of April 2018, the Go-Lab Spring School 2018 - hosted and organized by the University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain – welcomed 27 primary and secondary school teachers from Europe (Estonia, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, France, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain) and Asia (Taiwan). It was a great opportunity for both the teachers and the Go-Lab team to come together to co-create Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILS). Topics covered during the school were, among others: What makes an ILS a good ILS? What is Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) and what is the 5 phase-cycle of an inquiry? Why does IBL fit so perfectly for STEM subjects and how can Go-Lab be used?


What we've Learned

The attending teachers and the project partners discussed the appropriate tools and features for the ideal ILS for primary school students. Together we were trying to answer questions such as: to what extend does storytelling, the type of the science experiment, a set of guided questions or activities play a role in converting content into exciting inquiry activities for the kids?

During the 4 days of the Go-Lab Spring School, the teachers were also working on other related topics and ideas:

  • “Flipping the Classroom” using the Go-Lab Ecosystem
  • Graasp: Features, tools, apps and labs
  • Differentiation as a «zone of proximal development» using the Go-Lab Ecosystem
  • Learning Analytics Apps: Why, when and how to use them?
  • “Co-Creation” of the instruments of the Go-Lab Ecosystem


Spring School 2018 - Presentations

A true highlight were the many inspiring presentations of ILSs created by the participating teachers from The Netherlands, Cyprus, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Portugal and Finland. During this activity, the participants assumed the role of students, exploring the ILSs and testing the experiments.


Fun & Culture

Did we work hard all the time? Definitely! But we also enjoyed the cultural highlights of the beautiful region of Biscay! Two cultural activities were additional diamonds in the crone of the Spring School activity – visiting the Guggenheim museum and the Cathedral of Santa María in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The Cathedral of Santa María is the historical heritage under UNESCO protection; the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao building represents a magnificent example of the most groundbreaking 20th-century architecture.

Spring School 2018 - Activity


What's next?

The next Go-Lab International Training Event will take place in Marathon, Greece - the Go-Lab Summer School (from 8th till 13th July, 2018). Shortly after, there will be the Go-Lab Autumn School, in Tartu, Estonia (from 2nd till 7th September, 2018).





Monday, 28. May 2018