Why were the changes made?

The European Commission set new privacy and data management regulations to provide users with more control over their personal data. Henceforth, changes to the Learning Analytics (LA) apps were made in accordance with the new regulations.

How is this related to me as a Go-Lab teacher?

Several Learning Analytics (LA) apps in Go-Lab use online data from students, such as students’ activities, to analyze the change of phases. Apps like action statistics and timeline, were designed to support you as a teacher to follow-up on your students’ work and progress. Other apps, such as the concept map aggregation, were created to support both you and your students to visualize and compare individual and group concepts’ development. Other apps, like the reflection tool were meant for students to reflect upon their process. With the new EU regulations, modifications or replacements for some of the Learning Analytics apps will be made, leaving you with a clearer and even better selection of well-functioning LA apps.

How does this affect my work in Go-Lab?

The first change that you will notice as a teacher is related to activating and deactivating the Learning Analytics (LA) apps.

Explicitly activating the Learning Analytics (LA) apps

While creating an ILS directly in Graasp

Check the box next to “Enable Learning Analytics”



While creating an ILS from a lab in Golabz

Use the Create ILS button or the Duplicate Space button, and you are forwarded to Graasp.


Go to Settings, and check the box “Enable Learning Analytics” at the bottom of the text-box.



“AngeLA” will then be added to your members’ list.


After activating the LA and while students are working in an ILS, usage data are recorded in the secured platform hosting and running your ILSs, Graasp.eu.

Deactivating the Learning Analytics (LA) apps

From Settings

Go to Settings and uncheck the “Enable Learning Analytics” box.


Removing AngeLA

Remove “AngeLA” from the list of members in your space.



Watch this short video for more information about Learning Analytics.

Which apps were affected?

New apps’ versions completed (under testing phase): concept map aggregation, concept map dashboard, and reflection apps.

New apps’ versions in progress: user visualization, action statistics, and timeline apps.

Alternative apps to be planned: wiki app.

Cancelled apps: the two apps relying on external services will no longer be functioning: the semantic group formation and the concept cloud apps.


We are improving our LA apps to better suit you and your students’ needs. If you have any questions concerning the LA in ILSs or if you would like to share any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Intercom-button on the bottom-right of the page. We are here to help you!

Read our Go-Lab Newsletter for more detailed information.


Tuesday, 24. April 2018