Earth is a system of systems which influences and is influenced by life on the planet. The processes occurring within this system influence the evolution of our planet and shape its climate and surface. The solar system also influences Earth and life on the planet.

Version for ages 12 to 15

Earth is ever-changing due to the constant flow of energy and radiation from the Sun, as well as the unchanging processes on Earth. All living organisms affect the Earth and are affected by it.

Version for ages 9 to 12

Our Earth, its climate and surface are influenced by natural phenomena and all living organisms. All living organisms are affected by everything that happens on our planet.


Breaking down of the Planet Earth Big Idea of Science

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Ecosystems include organisms, abiotic factors and the relationships that develop between them. Energy is transferred from one organism to another through food and matter is recycled to be used again in food chains.

Earth materials and structure

All living organisms are affected by the Earth's surface, materials and natural resources. There is no life without water. Its internal structure, the movement of tectonic plates and large-scale system interactions determine life and hide natural hazards for the organisms.

Earth's Climate

The Earth's climate depends on the impact of the Sun, but is also affected by humans. These days, all living organisms experience a global climate change that has multiple consequences on organisms.