The Training Modules are designed to support beginner and advanced teachers to make the best use of the Go-Lab ecosystem. The modules provide teachers with the technical "know how" and the pedagogical framework of Go-Lab.

The modules are created as Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) in Graasp, Go-Lab's authoring and learning platform, to provide you with a real feel of the ecosystem and how students work with Go-Lab. Please sign up to to be able to access the modules. 

Nine Training Modules are offered, of which 4 are informative and 5 are exemplary modules.

  • Informative modules provide you with information about technical aspects or pedagogical concepts offered in the Go-Lab ecosystem.
  • Exemplary modules are examples of real student ILSs, with a section dedicated to teachers at each phase, explaining the rationale behind the pedagogical and technical design of the ILS.

The table below provides an overview of the offered Go-Lab online training modules.

Module ID Module Title Module Type
TM1 Your first Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) Informative
TM2 The Basic Inquiry Learning Scenario Exemplary
TM3 Promoting Cooperation: Jigsaw Scenario Exemplary
TM4 Promoting Collaboration: Six Thinking Hats Scenario Informative
TM5 Promoting Collaboration: Learning by Critiquing Scenario Exemplary
TM6 Using Learning Analytics in your ILS Informative
TM7 Promoting Self-Assessment in your ILS Exemplary
TM8 Structured Controversy for a Flipped Classroom Exemplary
TM9 Differentiating your ILS Informative